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 Beauty Tips

Every woman's body is different!

Some people have more severe cases than others when dealing with PCOS.  I know some PCOS women that didn't gain very much weight and I know others that have.  Some women have gotten less visible symptoms than others, but some of these things that I have found has actually helped me with some of these symptoms.  


For Skin care;

-I have naturally oily skin which causes acne, so I asked a dermatologist what I should do for that and her response was exfoliating 2 times a day.  I bought a pineapple enzyme exfoliate from the local drug store, it was from the Alba Botanica skin care line.  It works great and smells really good!  You can purchase this line at CVS Pharmacy (the local drug store) or Henry's Market. 

-Try different cleansers until you find the one that suits your skin issues.  After trying Clinque, Dermatologica and Aveda the one that finally worked for me was G.M. Collins.  It has to be ordered since it comes from France, but it lasts a long time.  Ask an expert who gives facials. 

-Try shopping at Sephora for a good foundation makeup that doesn't have an oil base.  I have found the company Makeup Forever gives me the best results.  It is a completely water based foundation.  The ladies at Sephora are well trained and know the trends.

-Unwanted facial hair was very discouraging at first.  No matter the medication I took it never went away.  Two women, one in her 40's and one in her 30's, both diagnosed with PCOS in their 20's let me know that laser was the best way to go to get rid of unwanted facial hair.  You will continue to have to wax your mustache, outer facial line and sometimes on your upper neck, but laser helps to remove things in the most effective way for a longer period of time.  It takes approximately 7-10 treatments +

-When I was watching TV is saw a show called What Not to Wear on TLC.  This has actually taught me how to dress myself better and it has some really great advice in it.  Plus, its a very entertaining show!

-To give you a good shape going out, I found a great tank top that keeps your torso firm.  It is from FAT FREE DRESSING - Firm  Control: Flexes, and the name of it is 1 Tummy Toning Tank.  Look for this at Costco, approximately $15.00.