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 Diet & Exercise

          The best way to lose weight seems to be a spotless diet and persistent exercise.


-Try Dr. Schwarzbein's satisfying diet that heals the metabolism in her easy to read book, The Program.  It is basically her Schwarzbein square.....a protein, carbohydrate(s), a good fat and vegetables at the three main meals and for snacks in between a protein and carbohydrate, i.e. nuts and vegetables.  Don't forget to get good sleep and lots of water in between meals.

Keeping the blood sugar level by eating at regular intervals will help the healing process, reduce mid section excess and help you feel more satisfied.


-A good hour of exercise is always great for fat burning, though, the time for exercising varies for everyone.  While healing your metabolism don't forget to do more gentle exercising, i. e. Yoga, walk/run.  But don't overdue!

-The Body Bug Can help you see what you are expending in accurate amounts.  It gives you a look into your heart rate and if you are overdoing.


-Drink a lot of water!  But most especially between meals.  Take sips during meals so your stomach is digesting your food and your not just washing it through your system.  The amount of water you intake depends on your body weight.  Ask your doctor.

-Trader Joe's, Mothers Market, Henry's, or any health food store is a great place to get food that is consistent and more organic with the your diet. For a fast meal grab Trader Joe's "just chicken" and a pre-made salad, toss together and it gives you a lot of protein and vegetables.  

-Watch your caffeine intake.  Try to limit it to an English Breakfast tea in the morning.

-Butter.  MMMMM.  Who doesn't LOVE butter.  Yes, butter has a lot of calories, but there is a way to get around all of these fattening contents.  For a Ghee recipe, Click Here!

-Another good fat....avocado's.  Try these on your salad. 

-Try using Coconut oil for cooking.  It has a neutral flavor and goes along way.

-Never eat a carbohydrate by itself.  Have it with a protein so it will not raise your blood sugar levels and cause more fat to form around your mid section.